What else but yarn?

Things have been fairly busy here in the studio. I love doing what I do and can’t imagine returning to ‘proper’ work now (although I probably work harder than ever, it just doesn’t feel like it).

We live hand to mouth, not helped by my spinning wheel purchases, and heaven help us if there was a big expense but fear of financial insecurity has left me. I just can’t manage to be grown up about money, I’ve lived with and without it for long enough to really know it doesn’t make me happy. Being able to buy stuff certainly makes everything easier though and here in Scotland all my worries are high class ones. Enough already.

Did I show you my handspun milk? If not then here you are: 

Isn’t it yummy? Just the colour of full fat too. It’s actually milk protein that’s been very processed, as you can imagine, into spinning fibre.

I also spun silk for the first time; tussah, or wild, silk that’s a lovely burnished golden honey colour. I managed 340m from 50g so it’s the finest yarn I think I’ve ever made. 

 Finally, there’s been some dyeing. This: 

 turned out like this: 

 and became this: 

  Now, try and put a value on that. Priceless.

Have a very Happy Chocolatey Easter.

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