Cosy Blanket

It’s been a busy week what with Easter visitors (well, one), an over committed weaver (that would be me) and demanding hobbies (you wouldn’t believe how loud my new spinning wheel calls to me).

So it’s incredible I managed to finished a project. Well, technically I didn’t finish it this week but surely I get time off for the bank hols?!?

Hubby’s blanket is done and dusted. Completely; in fact the kind of finished that means all of the ends have been sewn in and the edging completed. This is a rare thing, usually what constitutes finished in my world means either I’ve run out of yarn or, well, steam or that it looks finished but turn it over/inside out and you will find no end of yarn tails (they add character).

  What I haven’t really got round to though is taking some decent photos, or blocking. Hum, I’d forgotten about the latter. Well maybe forgotten is a loose description, it’s more that I thought ‘well, it’s a blanket, how do you block a blanket?!? More to the point can I really be bothered?!?’. That sounds awful but you have to understand I had a hundred much more important things to do that pretty much all involved chocolate or yarn. Not both however, never ever mix chocolate and yarn, it gets messy.


I love the colours and I’m really pleased with how the edging turned out. I have to admit it did get slightly dull at times but it’s been a very dependable project. You know, the kind that sits patiently by the sofa while I focus on slightly prettier more interesting ones, ready to oblige when I just fancy some reliable comfortable hooking (that sounds terrible)


So all in all it’s been the crochet equivalent of a comfy pair of slippers. Now onto the next which is more like a pair of snakeskin platforms – utterly tasteless. 


7 thoughts on “Cosy Blanket

  1. Jane Thompson

    Absolutely love the blanket , the colours are so cheery , my kind o’ thing 😀😀

    Sent from my iPad



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