More cake

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Not really! Anything mentioning cake will grab my attention, let’s see if that tactic works on you.

This is just an update to yesterday’s post so if you haven’t read that I suggest you take a look before reading today’s.

I’m looking into setting up some crowd funding (thanks Ruth) but in the meantime I remembered I am also a consultant for Neal’s Yard Organics and that this would be a good way of raising some funds towards a loom.

If you haven’t come across Neal’s Yard Remedies let me tell you a little about them. They make natural skincare products that are cruelty free and good for you (did you know 60% of everything you put onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream?). They are also a UK based company and support fairly traded goods when they can’t source ingredients locally.

I love them, they work, smell gorgeous and make me feel good.

If you’d like to take a look at what they have to offer my website is

Happy shopping x

2 thoughts on “More cake

  1. rmwk100

    Hi, Rachel. Could you possibly email me with the price of the new loom you’re looking at, please? Meanwhile, bringing your consultancy to the fore sounds like a brilliant idea. XXXXXX


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