Oh wow!

popular2I didn’t actually get around to telling you about the weaving competition did I? Some of you may be aware of the bi-annual contest run by the Loom to Wrap Facebook group; I entered last time in September 2014 with the ‘Mother and Child’ wrap, a marathon in doubleweave.

This time I wanted to keep it simple and use colour rather than pattern to express to inspiration. Based on the Seven Wonders of the World (any interpretation of this was allowed) I chose the Taj Mahal for my weaving. I found a photoshopped photo in bright vibrant colours that I associate with India and off I went. Here is my entry, I came 8th out of 60 odd entries so was very pleased.

It is a mercerised cotton warp with a hand dyed silk weft and some clasped weft action going on for the middle marker. The weave is a straight twill from Strickler’s 8-shaft book and very easy but perfect for stripey type things.

The unfortunate mother and baby in the photo collage who have had their heads cut off (it has to be completely anonymous) are Fiona and Ayla who were the perfect models and without whom, the entry wouldn’t have been possible. The wrap has gone to live with them now and is being used to wrap Ayla very happily. The photography was by Jayne Wright Photography.

Jayne Wright Photography - Images for marketing purposes only.Newborn, Baby, Family, Maternity and Boudoir.

Jayne Wright Photography – Images for marketing purposes only.Newborn, Baby, Family, Maternity and Boudoir.

‘Oh wow!’ – Those were the words that escaped me unbidden the first time I used my spinning wheel with her new accessory. If you take a look at the photo below, you can see my wonderful treadle covers in espresso sheepskin from https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HareandThereStudio. I kind of knew they would be lovely but they are lovelier than I could have ever imagined.

IMG_5618   IMG_5616

Made to order by Suzie at Hare and There in Santa Fe, they are my treat for surviving the weaving competition and just bliss for my little (!!) feet. I experience some pain in my soles so having them cushioned by little clouds of fleece has made treading so much more comfortable. She makes them for a wide range of spinning wheels, I think when I enter the next one I’ll order them for the ladybug wheel too…

5 thoughts on “Oh wow!

  1. Fiona

    I think the models swung ot for you personally 😉
    What a strange week that was, I’ve come over all queer thinking back to it reading this. Thank goodness you did exceptionally well! Hoorah! And hoorah for your tootsies and their new fledcy thingy too!

  2. Rachel Barton

    that wrap is beautiful, I love the combination of colours. Glad the judges were in agreement!


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