Dyeing inside

I’ve been wanting to experiment with a  hand dyed warp for a while and finally managed to put together the magic mix of a free loom, the right ingredients like yarn, dye, fixative (I don’t think you call it a mordant when using procion dyes) and inclination.

Much as I hate the light nights in the Far North during summertime (I use that word loosely), they do come in handy when you decide at 9pm that now’s the time and the dyeing fun begins.

I have been winding a natural organic cotton warp specifically for this over the last week or so, just when I needed to stretch my legs in between weaving and had it soaking in some cold water, ready for action.

Mr Weaving Heart helped out and prepared the dyeing surface, also known as the dining table, by taping a couple of bin liners over it then a layer of cellophane on top of this.

I rung out the warp which I had in four chains and we laid them on the dyeing surface. Next I mixed up the dye solutions; now I’m not an accurate kind of person (except randomly when it come to making bread) and after a quick glance at the destructions I guesstimated the amounts of dye, soda ash (pure baking side or something like that) and salt (remember tie dye??) and mixed them with water. I’ve bought four colours; I decided on this rather than make up my own as I do for wool dyeing, procion dyes are much cheaper than wool dyes so it made sense.

Next was the fun part; look:

The first person to point out that I forgot to unchain my warp will get a smug clever clogs prize. Um yes, let’s just say that was deliberate mistake number one, ahem.

It was wrapped up in more cling film and bin bags (super enviro friendly) then left over night. I rinsed it the following day which took a whole reservoir of water (super super enviro friendly but we do have alot of water here in Bonnie Scotland)

And then left to dry. Which took forever. And then some.

However,all good things yadda yadda and I finally got it on the loom and started weaving today.

Rather pretty don’t ‘cha think?? It reminds me of the Northern Lights but partly as there are soooo many baby wraps named after that already and mainly as I made a promise to someone, it will be called ‘Ivy, Briar and Willow’ after three special little girls.

4 thoughts on “Dyeing inside

  1. Mandy Conway

    Nearly all the best results come from “so called” mistakes. Looks beautiful and i will secretly call it “northern Lights”


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