extreme yarn emergency no. 2

When I wrote the last post I had no idea (in fact, naively hadn’t even imagined) that things could get worse. Much worse.

After paying a rush visit to the yarn shops and investing heavily in lots of lovely yarn to insure I had plenty to get on with, I was happily knitting away and the Shadow Shawl was growing and growing.

It’s a great project;  it uses two different yarns which provides enough entertainment so I don’t get bored (it doesn’t take much) but is simple enough to knit while sitting for hours upon endless hours in the Emergency Department (another story completely but be reassured that everyone is fine and well now). Although I have to confess I needed to frog the odd row where I’d forgotten to purl instead of knit. 

I fell into a false sense of crafty security and spent the last evening in England bullying Mr Weaving Heart into helping me wind the final couple of skeins into balls ready for the journey home.

We had just set off on the 12 hour journey from Mansfield to Caithness and I had carelessly laid said knitting in the foot well of the car when I heard a sickening crunch. I knew what had happened before I even looked. It was only a little crunch, more of a slight snap really and I moved from awareness to denial in the frighteningly quick manner I have honed over the years.

Maybe, I said to myself, maybe that was just my iPhone screen cracking, or perhaps somehow I had confused my knitting for our packed lunch and it was really a packet of wotsits I had just trodden on.

It wasn’t to be though. Very very sad face.

Can you see it? It is just the very tip and I gallantly tried  to continue knitting but of course even the tiniest scratch on a needle tip can snag on yarn (unless it’s super dooper flammable acrylic Brillo pad type stuff) and it was hopeless. I was facing eleven and a half hours in a small space where the only thing between me and insanity was being able to use the soothing meditative power of knitting.

You know the only thing worse? Surviving the journey only to get home and discovering that not only had I broken a knitting pin but, despite having two full sets of Knitpro Interchangeables plus several sets of varying other brands it was my only pair in that size. 

I’m sulking now and have returned to crocheting. Have that knitting!

4 thoughts on “extreme yarn emergency no. 2

  1. Jen

    Oh no! Broken needles are a tragedy. I once had a needle break while I was on the way to class. Fortunately I had a friend in the class who also knits so she was there to mourn the loss of my needle with me. Your shawl is gorgeous and I hope you can get a replacement needle soon.

  2. yarnya

    Nooooo! That sounds like an awful car journey, those poor needles. I hope you can get some more soon and carry on with that beautiful shawl.


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