WIPs Galore 

just a quick post as I have little chance to blog, I’m snowed under with Works In Progress so no time to stop and chat.

My Bohus kit arrived yesterday so of course I had to start that immediately; it’s a traditional form of Swedish knitting that’s a bit like fair isle but knit on teeny tiny tooth picks so it’ll take a while. This is an entire evening’s knitting:

Then we have the Lilypond Crochet ALong (CAL)


It’s very pretty but a bit of a pita to actually make.

Then there’s the other CAL, that’s kind of come to a standstill as I need to order more yarn 


And finally, the emergency shawl from down south, the new needles have arrived but it’s kind of been discarded and forgotten about.

Bare in mind these are the current WIPs, I’m sure if I looked hard enough I’d find plenty more. Oh, I forgot about this one, the coast blanket which is my ‘go to’ project when I’ve run out of other things to do….


4 thoughts on “WIPs Galore 

  1. Laura

    Looks like we are doing two of the same CALs! Your pond colours are very similar to mine 🙂 I can’t wait for the central flower – I want this damn thing to come together!


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