Crackle and pop

It’s a while since I wrote about weaving. Ollie the Octado and I have settled down together very well now. I’ve learnt a lot about Fiberworks, the weaving programme that controls the loom and I’ve found my way around all the little annoying things, like how to quickly re weave the last pick – useful for bobbin changes – and clever things like how to treadle the threading (a weaver’s dream come true).

The most recent creation has been some crackle weave, so called as it resembles the cracked glaze on pottery, although it tends to make me think of those crinkly toffee wrappers.

It’s a kind of block twill with floats no longer than 3 threads and I find the finished fabric is a lovely blend of plain weave and twill. 

I’ve used three different drafts so far, one from by Griswold and two from Carol Strickler’s book on 8-shaft patterns (my bible).

One of them, I won’t say which, was a bit of a nightmare in respect to selvedges and I ended up adding floating selvedges. These are supplementary warp threads not threaded through any heddles and weighted separately. I’m not used to using them and I found they slowed me down considerably. It was frustrating as I couldn’t get into my normal rhythm and they kept breaking too. Very annoying; I crawled my way through one wrap (which did look very pretty) but then changed the treadling as soon as I could.

The final wrap used my own pattern design and was so much easier due to the absence of fiddly floaters (sorry) that it could’ve looked like something the cat dragged in, so relieved was I simply to be flinging the shuttle at my usual pace. Thankfully it’s rather pretty and will become my ‘go to’ crackle I think.


6 thoughts on “Crackle and pop

  1. LizzieB

    Love reading your blogs Rachel. So pleased you have found your ‘go to’ crackle weave, it’s beautiful xx


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