Summer sunshine

I know, I know…I’m late.

Just like the White Rabbit, I’ve been trying to catch up with everything. I’ve had a cold (aren’t Summer ones the worst?!?) so haven’t been on quite as top form as usual (in my world that means a fairly gentle kind of existence). Plus any kind of virus comes with the worry that it’ll trigger off symptoms too but that’s just a needless anxiety now fortunately.  
We’ve had a pretty miserable summer here in Caithness, like most of the UK really.

The Mey Highland Games have been cancelled as the land is too waterlogged. It’s a real shame for lots of reasons but we were going to have a stall there so Mr Weavingheart has a shed full of lovely carved things made especially for that.


It has also been my birthday; we don’t tend to mark these really. It sounds a bit bah humbug but actually we’ve been married a while now and would rather focus on more spontaneous celebrations. However, I did treat myself to a Turkish spindle from kerryspindles.

It’s heavier than my other spindle and is taking a while to adjust to. I usually spin frog hair and am having to change my drafting technique for a thicker yarn. I think it’ll become my go to for plying. The wood is beautiful, the arms are zebra wood and the shaft is ash.

I also received a lovely unexpected treat. Remember Hare and There Studio, where I found my spinning wheel treadle covers? Well I asked Suzie, the shop owner, a while ago about making a bench cover for my loom bench. She offered to make a ‘tester’ for me in return for some photos, so she could then market it. It arrived on Friday; it is STUNNING. Made from the same kind of fleece as the treadle covers, it fits perfectly, and just feels So Soft. I am an extremely lucky woman and the sun shines in lots of different ways.


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