Rambling in the West

After rambling on in the last post about how I don’t get holidays, we had a couple of days away on the West Coast. Just like much of my handspun, I’m so inconsistent. 

We returned to one of our favourites, Kinlochewe. Blessed with good weather (ie not completely sheeting it down constantly) we managed some good walks and tasty food. Aside from the occasional midge, it was fairly atypical for the Highlands and I may have even caught a little sun.

I also managed to complete my very first 100% spindle spun project, a little crocheted coaster in merino/bamboo/silk. 


I shall have to start a range of socks for mice as I can’t see me spinning enough on a drop spindle for a person sized garment any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Rambling in the West

  1. rmwk100

    Hi, so pleased you had a good break. Loved the coaster. I used to do all my knitting using my own spindle-spun wool, and you’ll be amazed how soon you get quicker. The speed break-through and for me when I got a spindle of exactly the right size and weight, which was pretty well accidental, as there is very little guidance, and no real opportunity to try them out before buying… XXXX


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