The Retreat

Gah!! There’s nothing worse for a blogger than writing a post, thinking you’ve saved it and then returning later to tweak it before publishing, only to discover, you didn’t actually save it.

So, I had created the best blog ever, of course, telling you all the ins and outs of the very first Weaving Heart Retreat that was held over last weekend. However, it has vanished in the ether, never to be seen again and I can’t for the life of me remember what I had written, even slightly.

OK deep breaths and I will attempt to go again.

So three very brave women travelled a rather long way to join us here for a weekend of spinning, dyeing and weaving, with a little crochet thrown in for good measure.

They brought with them some children (very sweet), one husband (bemused), a tent (slightly foolish), and lots of cake (utterly delicious) as well as their friendly humour, good spirits and unending creativity. We has a fabulous time.

There we have the Retreaters beautifully modelling various pieces of weaving.

That was the warp dyeing, look at the glorious bundle of colour they made.

One of the most popular activities was drop spindling and everyone managed to make a mini skein which was most impressive, particularly for first timers.


And a little ‘big’ spinning

Lastly, there was an ongoing project throughout the retreat where we all got to have a go at weaving some kitchen towels. On the big loom, because I’ve been so slow it so happened that I have a custom in progress for one of the women who attended so Liz also had a chance to weave some of that which was lovely to see.

How Mr Weavingheart measured the success of the weekend? That we didn’t need to summon an abulance at any point.

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