Everlasting Constant

While I’m very fortunate to love my work, every now and then, a particularly rewarding project comes along.

Just finished and on it’s way to the owner is a custom for someone I’ve worked with before. My brief was to weave a wrap inspired by her memories of the Northumbrian Coast and she gave me some visual clues in the form of a couple of pictures by Gerhard Richter and Jolomo, a Scottish artist.

There were long discussions about weave structure and suitable yarns; we settled on an advancing networked twill thats resembles waves and she was brave enough to allow me to spin the weft from a glorious blend I came across, of merino, silk, milk, faux cashmere and firestar. It’s lovely to spin; soft but not pernickety with a bounce and pretty sparkle.

The warp and weft were hand dyed in blues, greens, white and yellow so the whole process was fairly labour intensive but huge fun. Neither of us (least of all me) had much of an idea whether it would work and my customer was taking a huge risk and I felt humbled the faith she had in me.

I didn’t have much of an idea how much weft yarn to spin, having not even sampled it (yep, I like to fly by the seat of my pants…) and was a bit anxious as if I ran out, not only would it delay the weaving but there was little chance I would be able to replicate the same shades as the previous dye colours.

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end. Phew! I was very pleased with the results, the effect was how I had hoped, the fabric is so incredibly soft and snuggly and it will be one of my more memorable projects; not least because the customer came for last weekend’s retreat and had a go at weaving some of it herself.


4 thoughts on “Everlasting Constant

  1. Cathy

    Rachel, you have excelled yourself, again! The colours in these wraps are truly amazing. Can see the annoyance if you didn’t have enough yarn to complete the project. The pattern is just stunning and they look so soft. Well done to you. xx

  2. Stephanelli

    I love when a customer has complete faith – you should be so very pleased with yourself! I love reading your blog – I don’t weave, but I’m always amazed at the patterns and colours you create!


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