Quick knit

As the ‘Wild Apple’ cardigan is taking oh sooo long to knit, I felt the need to whip up a hat. You know, just to remind myself that it is possible to actually finish something.

Also Mr Weaving Heart hasn’t had a new hat for a while and winter is coming, to coin a phrase.

So I dug out some Falkland top, hand dyed by  Manda Crafts, that has been floating about in my stash for a wee while. 

It spun up very easily over a couple of evenings using the lowest ratio on the Matchless; a little bit of a challenge, as I’m so used to spinning laceweight (the spinner’s conundrum – you spend so long trying to achieve really really fine yarn only to then yearn for the days when you were able to make thicker and infinitely more useable yarn).

The colours work really well together and are suitably manly (!) so perfect for a hubby hat.

A simple pattern was called for as any fancy pants stuff would be lost in the colours so I simply cast on 80 stitches using 5mm dpns, knit in 2 x 2 ribbing until I got really fed up (it doesn’t take that much where ribbing is concerns to be honest), then switched to knitting in the round for 7 1/2 inches. Finally I reduced the stitches every other row until there were 10 left (that was most probably an error, I think it should have worked out at 8, but hey, who’s counting?), cut off the remaining yarn and drew the tail through them. Hey presto, from fibre to finished object in three days.

See, you can manage to finish things sometimes.

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