Hello again

dip dyed banana silk

dip dyed banana silk

Morning world. I’m dip dyeing some baby alpaca for a weft this morning so while it’s ‘cooking’ I thought I’d catch up with you all.

I’ve found a reluctance to blog recently, hence my absence for a couple of weeks or so. One of the joys of getting older is that I find it so much easier to allow myself not to do something if I don’t want to.  I’ve also found it difficult to blog on an emotional level.

I have been incredibly impacted by the enormous human crisis occurring as the result of wars, persecution and poverty. Blogging about yarn has seemed trite and meaningless in comparison to that; which of course it is.

However, I am essentially powerless (apart from the tiny gesture of donating goods and money) and am not a skilled social commentator so all I can do is distract myself, and you hopefully, for a few moments, so we maintain our sanities.

Right…on with the usual drivel…

I am very happy with the current project on Ollie, called ‘Joy’, a dazzling blend of rich colours, that quietly glows in the studio. It’s a 6-shaft crackle draft taken directly from here and is fairly stress-free to weave, as the selvedges are nice and neat with no long floats.

It will make two baby wraps, both have homes already and there may be a little scrap left over that I’m tempted to keep for myself, just to make me smile when I see it. I like the idea of framing scraps as it would be a good way of displaying them, so who knows it may end up on a wall.

OK, I think my alpaca is nearly done so thank you for joining me and if you’re so inclined say a little prayer for those with more important things to think about than yarn.

2 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. KerryCan

    I don’t know, I think that times like these cry out for people to create something lasting that adds beauty to the world, as a statement of hope and perseverance. And you’re doing just that.


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