Schacht Reeves review

If you’re not a spinner don’t even bother with this post, indeed even if you are a spinner but aren’t interested in wheel reviews or Schacht don’t bother.

Ok, I did warn you.

Lady Mary

As some of you may already know, collecting (ahem) spinning wheels is kind of my ‘thing’. They’re quite an expensive thing to acquire really, sometimes I wish I had stopped at rosewood knitting needles…

But, I am who I am, and it is sort of my job. Well that’s how I justify see it anyway.

My latest, and long awaited, wheel is a 30″ Schacht Reeves in ash.

So I thought I’d write a little review as when I was looking at buying this wheel, I trawled the internet endlessly trying to find out how other spinners liked, or didn’t like, theirs.

Living in the far North of Scotland means that I rarely get to try out equipment prior to buying, however a new Schacht dealer has opened up near Inverness of all places. Lochness Spindle are a small business set up by Olga and Peter after she fell in love with Schacht products. When Olga offered me the chance to try her wheel, a beautiful cherry SR, I couldn’t say no. Needless to say, I was instantly smitten and would’ve driven off with her wheel given half a chance.

It’s a saxony wheel and the only non-custom built wheel that offers a right hand flyer, as well as the more usual left. This makes spinning for us lefties much easier and it was the main selling point for me initially. Schacht offer a choice of wheel sizes (24″ and 30″) as well as double or single treadles and the choice of woods. They are made to order and the wait is around eight weeks. The 30″ model offers a huge range of ratios from 14.5:1 to 38.5:1, with a superhigh speed whorl (bought separately), so it is fast.


She is beautifully made. The photo above shows the scotch tension adjuster (not in use as I use double drive), carved from rosewood. Everything is wood, apart from the brass flyer shaft, wheel mechanism and leather flyer things (I’m so sorry about my lack of knowledge but not sorry enough to go and look the correct term up) (I’m equally sorry about my poor photographs, they are shockingly bad. I try to edit them to look reasonable but end up with effects like the really dodgy vignette outline in the first photo) and the bobbins are things of beauty in themselves. There are well thought out touches like the groove you can see above, to wind your working yarn end around for safe keeping and a convenient hole for storing the orifice threader. It’s relatively easy to change bobbins, you just flip the leather flyer holder off the flyer shaft, the trick is to hold the drive band while doing this so you don’t have to reinstall it which can be a faff. It comes with three bobbins and a lazy kate (untensioned disappointingly, especially since the Matchless one is).


So how does it spin? It’s very smooth and quiet, the treading is light which was a little unexpected for such a large wheel. I find it easier than my other wheels and the treadles are huge so I can change position slightly when spinning for a while. It is fast but not intimidatingly so. I started off with the largest whorl while we got to know each other and found it very comfortable, too slow for my usual spinning but we made a gorgeous skein of duck egg blue merino/cashmere that I had been saving especially for my first spin.


It’s more of a 4ply weight rather than my usual frog hair yarn.

do find the flyer vibrates at higher (although not that high) speeds, an issue that I had been warned about prior to buying it. So far I don’t mind this as it sounds and feels like the wheel is purring which is actually quite cute. It could become annoying though and an issue that a top end wheel really shouldn’t have.

Ultimately, she has captured my heart, I’m able to overlook any flaws as she is just so beautiful and all I want to do right now is spin spin spin. So I’ll see you in about a years time…

6 thoughts on “Schacht Reeves review

  1. Sherry Stewart

    Thanks for the review and the humour!!!

    I’ve been wanting to get a Reeves wheel as I thought it would be light (as easy to spin) and super responsive–

    Sherry Stewart

  2. Amanda Fitzgerald

    Would you say this is a good first wheel? I’ve been using a drop spindle and am currently in the process of saving up for a wheel, so I’ve been doing a ton of research and have really liked the look of this one!

    1. weavingheart Post author

      It’s a beautiful wheel!
      I’m afraid though I wouldn’t recommend it; it’s fairly temperamental and I found that having experience of how wheels work helped me enormously.
      It’s also very fast and spins fine yarn, something that can take a while to get used to to.
      You might find it better to look at something like a schacht ladybug first. It’s a much ‘friendlier’ wheel, easy to set up and use with also the advantage of being more able to spin different kinds of yarn, like bulky/chunky and art yarn.
      It’s a little like getting a Ferrari for your first car! Gorgeous but…
      Good luck on your spinning journey .

      1. Tina white

        I have found the Scacht reeves 30 inch saxony wheel high priced and over rated. After I aquired my SR wheel there several faults, wooden screws for wheel alignments jammed tight as though wood is swollen or not seasoned properly.No wonder this wheel is tempremental when it throws off the drive band it is an absolute nitemare.
        Scacht keep saying it wil be ok once the wood is acclimatized ,have had wheel for a year now,still the same as when I first bought it,not good after paying over £2000 for it. Scacht are not now shipping these wheels to Europe, wonder why!

  3. Tina white

    How true I have had exactly the same problems with my Scacht Reeves 30 Wheel, I also live in UK have been making enquirees as to why Scacht are no longer shipping to uk, no matter how I try and beg for an answer am getting nowhere.t

    1. weavingheart Post author

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your wheel. My understanding (from a Schacht dealer) as to why they’ve stopped shipping here is due problems with shipped wheels. Schacht feel they are unable to guarantee their usual high standards after they have travelled so far in the hands of not-so-attentive shipping companies.


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