Blogging away

This is what’s currently on the loom at Weaving Heart, a custom in some gorgeous colours. It will be woven in heart weave, a twill variation with a charcoal cottolin weft. To be honest, while its lovely and everything, it’s nothing different from the usual warps I work on (except for the customer of course); it was just a calculated lure to ‘encourage’ you to read the blog. Sorry about that. 

Writing a blog can be a funny old thing. In a part of my mind, you (the lovely readers) don’t really exist, so when I meet someone in real life who tells me they read this it’s very strange, a little like hearing someone has read your diary.

I also have the urge to overshare here which must be curbed for both our sakes. So I’ll continue to witter on about weaving, spinning and suchlike. Just don’t be fooled that everything in my life, as in yours, is all happy fluffy fibery things.

Winter, much as I love it (the snuggling down in a cosy sofa while the wind and rain batter the roof is one of my favourite things), brings poor health and M.E. flare ups. I’ve had more days feeling like a lump of concrete and a sore thing. Unfortunately when my body is saying ‘no more’, my head is very active and frustrated by it all. 

So I’m telling you this not for sympathy or pity but just as when I started blogging I made a promise not to only show the good things but also some of my struggles. So many bloggers (and I’m not judging this at all, just expressing my opinion) write about their lives as if it’s all sunshine and lollipops, which can give the wrong impression sometimes.

Anyway enough of that. How are you? When was the last time you checked in with the little person inside? How is she/he doing? At peace or a little neglected? I think, especially at this time year, it is so very important to pay attention to our emotional insides and maybe give yourself a little hug. It doesn’t cost a penny after all and is possibly one of the best antidotes to Black Friday.

6 thoughts on “Blogging away

  1. rmwk100

    Loved this blog, and being able to follow some of your news. I know you struggle along with ME, and do hope it won’t be too bad over the winter. I also hope you will be able to do at least some of what you long to do. I’m very much the same, worn down by a year of husband’s health issues and surgeries, plus his two serious falls. One short period of mild activity per day is all I’m managing at present, but I guess this will change over time. Take care, and all best wishes from Ruth XXX

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to read it and then comment Ruth. I’m sorry to hear your husband hasn’t been well plus about the impact it’s had on you. I hope things improve, much love xxxxx

  2. KerryCan

    This is so nicely written and I can relate so fully! I find blogging gets difficult when I’m feeling stressed or frustrated–because I want the blog to be a happy, calm place and I don’t feel happy or calm.

  3. Cathy

    Rachel, your blogs so lift me! Just love hearing of your exploits, good and not so good. The colours on your loom, at the moment, are just incredible. End result will be stupendous.

    And you’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s a difficult time of year but KISS so I’m off to our cottage in Scotland for a few days with my little Mojo to have some me time before the mad mad rush for Christmas festivities.

    Keep smiling. Lots of love xxxx


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