Hot socks

I bought some new yarn recently (‘what’s new?’ I hear you mutter). It’s a new one that I discovered after listening to an interview with the maker in a knitting podcast (useless blogger alert: I can’t remember which one it was, I’m so sorry to you, the podcaster and and yarn maker…) and it sparked my interest. 

It’s mainly cotton but the USP is that a small amount of silver has also been spun into it; hence the name ‘Silverspun’.


Currently there are just two weights: sport and sock. I bought a ‘few’ skeins of the sock hoping it may be good for baby wrap wefts. The silver adds all kinds of useful properties; it’s antibacterial and antifungal as well as being conductive so if you knit gloves with it you can, aledgedly, still use your touch screen.

There aren’t a whole heap of colours (yet, I imagine) and the sock only comes undyed. However, as well as being prohibitively expensive, in real life, it’s clearly not suitable for baby wrap weaving as it’s fairly stretchy (it contains spandex).

So I dusted off my dpn’s and started knitting some socks. Just plain vanilla ones and the yarn knits up wonderfully. A little thick, with a good stretch that’s great for snug footwear. 

I might dye them once finished, I’m imagining a bright seasonal red at the moment but I may well just leave them au natural as the yarn is truely lovely.

And just in case you’d like to knit some too here’s the link: Silverspun

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