I started the New Year with a new knit. As I’ve ceased using animal fibres, this leaves me with a huge range of (much cheaper) *whispers* acrylic yarn to use.

Yep you read correctly, I said the acrylic word. Acrylic. Acrylic. ACRYLIC.

I’ve embraced Stylecraft as they produce the best non-squeaky yarn. I hate a squeak, don’t you?

I’ve loved my Kate Davies Owl sweater, so much I went on to make a cardi from the same pattern. But both in wool, and to be completely honest, both leave me with sore arms from the scratchy-ness (M.E. has left me with very sensitive skin).

So I dusted off my trusty pattern (actually, I simply accessed my Ravelry library and downloaded it but that doesn’t flow as well in a sentence), got my mitts on some Stylecraft Special Chunky yarn and went to it.

It’s such an easy, quick knit, it only took a week, albeit over Christmas in front of lots of telly.

As you can tell, some of my owls are blind. If I could knit on buttons it would be fine but sewing is my nemesis so it’s staying just like that.

Now I’m off to look at more acrylic, I have a stash that needs a little work…

7 thoughts on “Hoot-ananny 

  1. Woolbothy

    Love the colour. Totally respect how you’re living a life true to your beliefs. Hoping you’ll not look down on your meat-munching friends.

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Thank you, sorry not to have replied earlier, somehow your comment didn’t appear until today. I’ve been meaning to email you and will get around to it! Hope you’re both well xx


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