Hello pretties

There’s something very special about the first time you finish a project. Like your very first hand knitted hat, complete with lumpy bumpy bits; it can make you feel so…well…dare I say it…*whispers*…proud. We have a thing about admitting that feeling, and the internalised saying ‘pride comes before a fall’ immediately flashes up before your eyes prophesising doom so we squish it down and try and mould the feeling into ‘vaguely pleased’.

Well I’m vaguely pleased about this finished object. Meet my pretties:


They are wrist warmers made from just 1oz of spindle spun fluff. I call it fluff because that’s exactly what it was; a blend of alpaca/merino/camel/tussah silk (from my pre-vegan days obviously) and spun up into yarn that whispered lacy frivolous knitting, whilst fluttering it’s eyelashes. 

The pattern is a very simple ‘vine’ lace one and knit in the round: cast on 50 stitches

Join in the round and alternate knit and purl rows for the border, then work the pattern over 10 stitches starting with ssk, yo, k1, yo, knit 5, knit2tog. Every other row is a knit row and you just move the yo, knit, yo along one stitch each pattern row, then back again. That makes perfect sense to me anyway and explains why I don’t write knitting patterns for a living.


3 thoughts on “Hello pretties

  1. Anne Davis

    Oh my word!
    They are completely divine.
    The sort of thing a fairy or an elf or even an imp might wear.
    Love them. xxxx

  2. Cathy

    These wrist warmers look fabulous. Always find it quite chilly around the wrists especially when I am working on the computer at this time of year. These would be perfect! x


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