EYF snapshots

I’m just back from the Edinburgh Yarn Fest, it was amazing. I was fortunate enough to meet my favourite knitting designer, Kate Davies, and she writes about the weekend way more eloquently than I could (plus I feature in it so I had to show off).

Here she is:
A fantastic time was most definitely had by all at Edinburgh Yarn Fest. Here are a few pictures. If I seem to be somewhat maniacal and frazzled in these photographs, well, that’s because I was. . . The stand in quieter moments. A customer tries on Mel’s Deco cardigan. Meeting lovely folk from my Ravelry […]


3 thoughts on “EYF snapshots

  1. rmwk100

    Hi, Rachel, loved your blog and all your photos! It was almost like being there myself. In fact, I was away as well, in the uk with my bike, for my first ever weekend cycling tour. I’d like to do a blog on it , just like yours, with short bits of text wrapped around lots of pictures. John and I have spent the whole of today trying endlessly different ways of doing this in WordPress, but just CANNOT make it work. Is there a wonderful secret you could possibly tell me, as to how you do it?

    With love from Ruth XXXXXX Blog: rkirksite.wordpress.com Twitter: @RMWK


    1. weavingheart Post author

      Hi Ruth, I’m afraid I have no idea, I’ve just reblogged Kate Davies’ blog with my own intro, so she is responsible for the photos and clever editing!
      Sorry to disappoint!


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