Camping it up

It occurred to me that maybe a post is slightly overdue. I’m like the proverbial buses, you’ll most likely get three in the next 24 hours now.

Ok so here I am, here you are, what would you like to read about? The most recent weaving project? My latest additions to the spindle collection? Or perhaps our recent camping trip? Well seeing that that’s three ideas and I’ve decided on three blogs posts (maybe not in the next 24 hours) let’s start with the camping.

Now I do realise that other folks’ camping trips aren’t the most riveting reading so I’ll just tell you a little bit about it then leave you with some photos of that little corner of the Highlands that became Greece for two days.

As a way of having a break from the weaving we decided earlier in the year that a few more wee trips were needed with the emphasis being on spontaneity. So with a heatwave forecast and a house to view, we set off to the North West Coast.

The house was a no no (too cramped) but we came across a little place called Talmine, complete with golden sandy bay and campsite right next to said bay. The temperatures soared to 26 degrees and I had to buy some sun cream. This is unheard of and the first time my freckles have made an appearance in the six years we’ve lived in the Highlands.

We had no phone signal, walks, funny tasting cups of tea (like you do when your water comes out of plastic container) and a night drifting off to sleep to the sound of waves lapping the seashore (actually, truth be told, that’s really noisy at 4am). It was absolute bliss and the only kind of bliss that comes with the unintentional.

7 thoughts on “Camping it up

  1. Jo Williams

    I know that area and beach. It really does look tropical on a nice day!

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  2. rmwk100

    Really pleased you were able to go away in such idea conditions and surroundings. How are you doing in terms of diet, health, and energy? love from Ruth XXXX

    1. weavingheart Post author

      Hi Ruth, yes it was lovely.
      I’m still vegan and am well right now; the sunshine and trip away have done me lots of good I think. I’m having lots of migraines still and have another MRI at the end of the month. My energy is relatively good right now. Thanks so much for asking xx

  3. mosaicthinking

    Sounds lovely. I can tell you from our own camping experiences that sulphur crested cockatoos and corellas (a smaller white parrot) make an absolute racket at 4am. Further sleep is impossible.


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