Crochet circlet weekender

We’re moving in (hopefully, fingers crossed, Gods be pleased) six weeks so I got all enthused about making something for the new house and Mr Weaving Heart turned up an old polystyrene mould (not sure of spelling there, that could be the icky black stuff that makes you cough but never mind) I’d bought years ago with the idea of making a crochet wreath a la Attic24.

So that’s what kept me out of trouble (if you believe that you’ll believe anything) last weekend.

Using up some odds and ends of Stylecraft Special DK, I started with a chain of 29 and then crocheted random colours of half-trebles until it looked vaguely long enough.

Let me tell you it wasn’t. There was a lot of stretching and swearing to Make. It. Fit.

I meant to take a photo before this stage but to be honest I get too busy actually making stuff than to stop and take pictures.

Then came the pesky fiddly bits; the flowers. Let me tell you I loathe and detest fiddly bits and that’s all this part consisted of. So there aren’t quite as many as I planned for, just only as many as I could bare.

I used an idea from Attic24 which is genius; instead of faffing around sewing them on I used pretty seeded pins. Perfect don’tcha think?!?

I’ve renamed it a circlet as wreath makes me think of funerals not new houses. So there.

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