I’ve just finished a couple of super pretty baby wraps despite the usual weaving fails along the way…

It’s the first ‘proper’ warp I’ve beamed on Ollie, the big loom, since we moved and didn’t check that the Kraft paper I use for winding on the warp was in the right position first. Big mistake. Huge. The warp nearly got thrown out of the window (the loom too if it weren’t three times the weight of hefty old me).

I’ve woven enough to know when to admit defeat for the day and leave it until the pain is a distant memory and then try again. 

Blood, sweat and tears were frequent companions along the way. Sweat and occasionally tears are familiar escorts but blood is pretty unusual. Because I haven’t woven for a while, my callused fingers had softened; I catch my knuckles on the reed when I throw the shuttle, it’s a very bad technique I’ve developed and sore.

Anyway, enough of the negative, here are the wraps. It’s a simple crackle weave from, I can’t remember exactly which one, on a Egyptian cotton warp and I used tussah silk and seacell for the wefts.

Wait! ‘Seacell’ I hear you cry!

Yep, yarn made from seaweed; it’s a cellulose based fibre that’s a bit like tencel. Weird and wonderful yarns are all the rage in baby wraps right now; things like peppermint, soy and seacell are popular. It’s a nice yarn but I have to admit it absolutely honked when wet, just like rotten seaweed really. Thankfully, there’s but a trace when it’s dry, let just hope the wrappees don’t drool too much…

I called the warp ‘Ethereal’, I hope you can see why. 

Finally, thank you for the lovely response I had to my last post, I was very touched that you took the time to read and if you also commented for taking the time to do that too.

4 thoughts on “Ethereal

  1. salpal1

    so pretty! Interesting that it still smells like seaweed when wet. I wonder if that will fade with time? And weaving with peppermint – let me know when you do that one – wouldn’t be bad to smell like peppermint when wet (or dry!)


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