New toys

It’s my favourite time of year, the nights have drawn in and it’s chilly outside, the perfect season for knitting and spinning. Only this year I’m not that much. 

In my usual tradition of being late to the party I’ve discovered Adult Colouring books. Up until now I have to admit being a little snobby about these, I mean it’s hardly creative is it? 

Well that’s where I was wrong, just take a look in Pinterest or on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of stunning hand coloured pictures that prove me very wrong indeed.

As there are an awful lot of blogs specifically on colouring I’m not going to say very much about it other than it’s great for me as it requires very little energy, less than spinning for example, but still let’s me play with colour. I have started a pencil collection in a way very similar to my fibre collection and I have discovered some of the most beautiful printed books I have seen for a long time. As the quality of paper is important you can find them printed on thick creamy paper, bound with proper thread in hardback. I can’t remember the last time I bought a hardback book before now, it might have been the last Harry Potter!

Below is a picture from one called ‘Floribunda’ by Leila Duly and it’s gorgeous.

And yes I’m aware of all the stuff around infantilisation but who cares? Not me anyhow. Unfortunately there does appear to be a plethora of colouring books that contain images I’m not especially comfortable about, like mandalas and dream catchers. The colouring world is yet to catch up with the concept of cultural appropriation so I’m just trying to avoid that and focus on flowers and fairies.

Health wise I’ve been fairly good, for the very first time I’ve managed to create a semblance of balance in my life so have avoided the boom and bust cycle. Until today anyway, sigh. We had a couple of hours out on Monday, just for lunch and a wander around a couple of shops however the energy gods were clearly displeased by this as I’ve spent most of today asleep or just lying on the sofa, no knitting, spinning, colouring or anything really. So I just have to pay them my dues and enjoy being able to do this with no pressure to weave or do anything really. Without wanting to sound Pollyanna-ish I’m extremely blessed.

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