Taking time out

On the spur of the moment kinda thing I decided I wanted to make a crocheted shawl immediately. My morning view has changed from the Caithness landscape and sea to this, give or take the odd husband:

So instead of watching birds and clouds, I’m now gazing upon lots of yarn. It’s all handspun, except a couple of skeins, and I usually have no inclination to use any of it. It’s not a waste as I enjoy just, well, looking at it. 

There’s a skein of handspun that’s been looking back at me for a wee while, one I spun during the Tour de Fleece from some beautiful hand dyed yak/silk by Greenwood Fiberworks that was already balled

in its pre-balled state

Being a blend of yak and silk I suspect it will have little memory so a shawl will be the perfect use for it. So I lept up on my proverbial pattern horse, aka Ravelry, and came upon the  Virus Shawl, a free pattern. ‘Perfect!’ I exclaimed (not out loud obviously, that would indicate I am slightly odd which of course I’m not), and set to with hook and yarn in hand.

Hmm, it’s a charted pattern, ‘not a problem’ I thought. Yeah, have you tried crochet from a chart? It. Makes. No. Sense. 

I went and read other crocheters project notes, to find identification. There was none. None! What is wrong with me?! Which didn’t help, I was no further forward. Being a stubborn so and so, I googled it and came across written instructions (here) by a very helpful person who clearly anticipated my stupidness. Phew, so crocheting ensued.

After a few repeats, it’s easy to get the hang of it and being crochet it grows quickly.

This is after a day, and this is a couple of days later 

So all very satisfying. Until now. I found a mistake. A Big Mistake that needs capitals, coffee and hugs. It was obvious and a whole two repeats back. The only thing for it was to frog it and being yak, it’s quite sticky yarn so we had a big fight.

I’m pleased to say I won but it was close at times. We’re now having some space. I’m not able to bring myself to look at it yet and it may get finished next year rather than this weekend. Sigh. That is all.
Oh except to mention that there’s a wonderful movement going on in Instagram right now with the hashtag #knitterspayitforward where knitters are donating patterns, finished objects and yarn as a way of spreading love and cohesion. Go take a look, it will fill your heart with joy and hope. That really is all, thanks for reading.

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