Cheerio for now

I’ve decided not to renew my website subscription. Largely because of financial restraints but also as I think it’s outlived it’s usefulness. I have the option of a free version and may continue with that but as I understand it, the URL will be slightly different however I’m yet to confirm that.

I’m taking the opportunity to consider which direction I’d like the blog to go in; I enjoy showing off my yarny adventures but I also like having a small platform to increase awareness about ME and other issues. There are wider areas of my thoughts that I might want to discuss as well.

A recent discussion in a knitting group brought home how society has internalised discrimination against disabled people. For example, seeing someone in a wheelchair equals belief that a venue is accessible. It doesn’t occur that whilst the person might be there in a chair, their actual experience of the event may be one of real difficulty and frustration, for example.

I also have lots of strong opinions around other social justice issues – to expand, my initial idea about this post was going to be based on our attitude towards aging women and how pressurised we are into dyeing our hair to cover grey (I recently had two different conversations regarding how ‘aging’ grey hair is, as if aging is something to hide and be ashamed of). 

However, I’m yet to decide whether or not my opinions are worth sharing with the wider world (I don’t mean this in a falsely modest way but simply in a realistic awareness of my ‘size’).

My blog has the potential to be a negative experience for me as well. I have a tendency to rant without paying much attention to who I could hurt in doing so, including myself, so maybe curtailing the platform for this may be a positive one for me.

Most importantly, this blog has humbled me beyond words, I’m constantly amazed at the fact that you bother to read it in such numbers and some of you have even taken the time to comment. So a huge thank you for sharing my journey thus far.

I’ll leave you with my final ‘ta daah’ photo, a crocheted blanket in Stylecraft Special DK. The pattern is ‘Rosslyn’ by Helen Shrimpton, a paid pattern on her website.

7 thoughts on “Cheerio for now

  1. rmwk100

    Oh, I’ll be so sorry not to see your posts pop up, and hear how you are. Chronic fatigue doesn’t get any easier as we get older, does it, and being able to share it, even at a distance, with someone intelligent is one of very the few comforts available. Whatever you do, and however you are, my thoughts and best wishes go with you. Love from Ruth XXXX

  2. Cathy Rothera

    Rachel, your posts will definitely be missed in my house! There are so many words of encouragement emanating from your blog, happy and sad in equal proportion! You will be missed but wish you well with your adventures. Lots of love xxxx

  3. itwasjudith

    I agree, I enjoyed reading your posts and it’s sad that maybe there won’t be anymore.
    On the other hand, it’s best to do what you think and feel is more suitable to your needs!
    If you have a new url, please let us know 🙂
    I agree on the many topics that are quite sensitive and it’s hard to talk about in a blog. While I love fibres and reading about them, I’m also conscious that these are mostly “relegated” to women and thus creating and feeding one of the stereotypes – men do practical work, women are creative. It feels reductive and just not right in some way. But I fail to find the right words to express these thoughts in a comprehensive way, so I just don’t mention them. Another one is the currently trendy thing of “being grateful” and similar posts – I wonder why it’s mostly women who write “grateful” posts? In my opinion, it should actually be the other way round, if we look at how much women are exploited and offer their services and help for free!
    And so on.. as you see, you’re not the only one to feel like ranting 😉
    All the best x

  4. salpal1

    I am sorry to have you leave the blogging world, I always enjoy your posts, whether they be a rant or a weaving share or just a chat. I hope you will still pop in and read and comment, though. And that if you do decide to go the free route I can find you!


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